Saturday, March 8, 2008

Are we Heading towards a Bull Run?

It’s been a long gap since my last post. As I had predicted in my previous post Sensex had touched the coveted 20,000 mark on Monday. But now it’s March 2008 quite a different story.

With all the hypes and when everybody is saying about making tons of money from capital market it seems that after January 2008 crash our capital market marketing is heading towards its bottom. It might not a surprise if we can touch below May 2006 levels. The only positive thing is all the front line stocks are available very cheap as per the valuations, so I should say that we should take this an opportunity for buying for the long term instead of panic selling which everyone seems to be doing these days.

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Prashant Kumar said...

Bull Run, depends upon governments keenness to reduce deficits and strong measures in allowing FDI in various sectors.